66key Electrostatic Capacitive "Mini" Keyboard

Model: FC660C/EB
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The FC660C Mini keyboard is the first Leopold keyboard to employ Topre's unique Capacitive switches. The ultra-compact layout allows much of the functionality of a full size keyboard through use of the Function layer. Convenient LEDs are embedded in the Caps Lock and Insert keys and the Caps Lock and CTRL keys are swappable and configurable using the on-board dip-switches; which also allow further layout configuration. Steel backplate construction and uniform 45-gram weighted switches make for a very solid and responsive typing experience.

Keyboard Features

  • 66-Key modified US ANSI Layout w/English Legends
  • 45 gram sensitivity, 4mm travel Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switches
  • Dimensions: 328 x 112 x 39.9mm
  • Detachable USB mini-B interface, 2.0m cable included
  • High durability PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) keycaps (Spacebar is ABS)
  • Lasered legends
  • Swappable CTRL/CAPS Lock keys
  • Keyboard mode selection dip-switch
  • Weight: 700g
  • Made in China

Whats in the box?

  • 66-Key Electrostatic Capacitive Mini Keyboard
  • 2.0m USB A to mini-B cable w/velcro wrap
  • Alternate Ctrl and Caps Lock keycaps

Topre capacitive key switches are a patented hybrid between a mechanical spring based switch, a rubber dome switch, and a capacitive sensor which, combined, provide tactility, comfort, and excellent durability. The unique electrostatic design of Topre switches requires no physical mechanical coupling and therefore key switch bounce/chatter is eliminated.

Topre, (formerly named Tokyo Press Kogyo), is an electrical, plastics, and metal materials manufacturer based in Japan. A leader in industrial credit card readers, touch sensors, and touch panels; Topre's key switches are used in critical data-entry applications that require the utmost reliability.

FC660 DIP-switch Settings

Important! The keyboard should be unplugged while changing the DIP switch settings; otherwise the changes may not be recognized.

DIP SwitchKey/FunctionSW OFFSW ON
SW1Ctrl (left)Ctrl (left)Caps Lock
Caps LockCaps LockCtrl (left)
SW2WindowsWindowsAlt (left)
Alt (left)Alt (left)Windows

FC660 Key Layers

Key CombinationFunction
Fn + QToggle default action for Esc key between Esc and Backtick + Toggle Insert LED On/Off to indicate state this change
Fn + Number RowF1-F12
Fn + Arrow UpPage Up
Fn + Arrow DownPage Down
Fn + Arrow LeftHome
Fn + Arrow RightEnd
Fn + Ctrl (right)Menu
Fn + IPrint Screen/System Request
Fn + OScroll Lock
Fn + PPause/Break
Fn + KHome
Fn + LPage Up
Fn + <End
Fn + >Page Down
Shift + Esc~
Fn + Esc`

Leopold Warranty

1 year, parts and labor. Please review our warranty terms for further information..

Leopold Returns and Exchanges

No test drives. Returns for exchange of the same model ONLY will be allowed for DOA products for a period of 30 days from date of purchase. No returns will be accepted without prior e-mail approval and a RMA number.


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