Spring Realforce Sale, HHKB Roofs, Testing Chatter with Switch Hitter
> 2014.Apr.27
Spring Realforce Sale, HHKB Roofs, Testing Chatter with Switch Hitter

NEW Goods on the site

Happy Hacking Pro Acrylic Keyboard Roof

New colored modifiers and OS specific keycaps for Cherry MX keyboards. Available now.

Spring Realforce Sale

All Realforce 87Us On Sale; as low as $189 (*1)

Sale ends May 31st, 2014
(*1) Excludes Silent models

Realforce High-Profile with All-45g weighting for $260, regular $290. Get one here.

EliteKeyboards Switch Hitter - Switch Chatter Tutorial

We've just added a new tutorial for testing for switch chattering with Switch Hitter: https://elitekeyboards.com/switchhitter.php

Switch Hitter is free software for Windows OSes that features a simple keyboard testing interface with configurable layouts. Let us know what you think; your feedback is appreciated!

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