EK DRAWING - Summer Topre Giveaway 2013
This drawing ended on 2013/07/17

This drawing is for one of three Topre products!

  • First prize (1 only): SE170S
  • Second prize (1 only): WC0100
  • Third prize (5 only): Topre keychain; random color.
USA INHABITANTS ONLY. No purchase is necessary to enter this drawing, but some restrictions do apply.

Please read the complete drawing rules below before filling out the registration form. Winners will be selected randomly and contacted by email within the 48 hours following completion of the drawing period (2013/07/16 23:59:59 PST). GOOD LUCK!

Summer Topre Giveaway Rules:

1. This drawing is open to inhabitants of the 50 states of the USA only. NO exceptions.
2. One drawing entry per person. Efforts to "game" the system will likely be noticed and disqualified (as will any other entries to other drawings that we can reasonably tie to that person/s for the foreseeable future.).
3. NO payment is required if you win. Winners will receive an email notifying them if they win. No notification will be sent if your entry does not win.
4. Provide valid information. Your e-mail address is not correctable and no changes to the shipping information you input here can be made. Be careful! Any emails received to the tune of "I made a mistake" will likely be ignored. Triple check your entry before clicking "Register".


Q: Why is this drawing only open to the USA?
A: Lawyers and politicians.
Q: I don't live in the US, but I have a friend in the US. Can I use their address?
A: We don't want to know your life story.
Q: What does EK do with my information regardless of whether I win?
A: It will be used to analyze drawing trends and rule compliance. You will not be subscribed to any lists. You will only be contacted if you win. Your information will never be sold or given away.
Q: If I win can I have the prize shipped to another address?
A: No, see rule #4 above.
Q: Can I buy a keychain? I have money!
A: Keychains are not for sale.