Clack Factory "3D" Skull Keycap (Topre)

Model: CF-5T-SKU-3D
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$30.00 Each


One per customer! (3 CF keycaps total per person)

"IN STOCK" items ship in 1 to 2 business days.
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This off-white Skull keycap has 3D vision with one red and one blue eye! A Clack Factory original!

Mates with Topre Realforce and Happy Hacking switches and has a height compatible with rows 5 and 6 (Esc, F keys, and Number Row on HHKB).

About Clack Factory

Hand carved by hundreds of talented gnomes; Clack Factory keycaps are unique pieces of colorful art for your favorite keyboard. Check back for future releases of very limited original Clack Factory keys! Please visit Clack Factory for further information.


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