104-key Universal Keycap Set for Cherry MX (Green)

Model: DMX-US104-GRN-TW
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$15.00 Set



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Simple full set of replacement keycaps for your Cherry MX keyboard with a universal high-texture spacebar. Tampo pad printed legends offer better durability than lasered or silkscreen printed legends that come stock on many mechanical keyboards. Reusable transparent packaging makes storing unused keycap sets a breeze.

These keycaps are compatible with *most* popular Cherry MX mechanical keyboards on the market; i.e. Cherry, Filco, Das Keyboard, Cooler Master, our own Leopold FC200 series, and many more. Likely incompatibilities exist only for the space bar which only allows for 80mm and 100mm wide mounts. Spacebar is not compatible with Leopold FC500 series!

Keycap Set Features

  • Standard "OEM" key height/profile matches Leopold FC200/FC500 and many other mechanical keyboard stock keycaps.
  • Tampo pad printing with UV coating.
  • ABS material
  • High-texture universal spacebar (6 stem mounts)
  • Reusable clear plastic keycap set packaging (patent pending design)


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