EK "MechLube 2" Premium Keyboard Lubricant w/PTFE

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EK MechLube 2 has been formulated for keyboard applications where a low-viscosity lubricant is desired. The addition of PTFE (also known as Teflon) helps keep parts moving as smoothly as possible.

MechLube 2 is best used on plastic-plastic matings with tight tolerances like switch guides, switch stems, and stabilizers; specifically Realforce and HHKB keyboards as well as Cherry and ALPS switch stems. It is non-reactive and has wide temperature stability, but may need to be reapplied every 6 months or so.


MechLube 2's curved-tip syringe makes application in tight spots a breeze. The red arrows in the photo examples provided on this page point towards the most common greasing points of mechanical keyboards stabilizers. It's a good idea to first test how much grease comes out of the tip at a given pressure before applying it to your stabilizers; the curved tip can be trimmed with scissors if the grease flow is too slow. Only a hairs breadth of grease is needed in most applications! Warning -- Application to switch stem guides is not recommended unless noticeable friction due to age and wear is present. Only the smallest amount is needed!


  • 5mL net volume premium PTFE grease
  • Stable consistency over wide temperature range and time
  • Plastic safe - won't melt, stain, or brittle plastic over time
  • High dielectric strength (non-conductive) and low volatility (no fumes!)
  • EASY-TO-USE curved-tip syringe dispenser


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