New Tenkeyless Models and June Updates
> 2009.Jun.07
New Tenkeyless Models and June Updates

New products for June

Two new FILCO Tenkeyless 87-key keyboards are now available. The "Zero" series Tenkeyless uses XM white switches for folks that really like their keys to have a strong mechanical CLACK! And, the best-selling original Tenkeyless based on Cherry MX Tactile switches is now available in a Special Edition blank key version made especially for EliteKeyboards. It's like a dark chocolate bar for your fingers, and if you want one (you will when you see one), then you should hurry, supply is limited.

We're also now offering both standard and N-key rollover variants of the 104-key FILCO keyboards with the option of Cherry MX "Linear" switches.

Accessories: Acrylic roofs for the Happy Hacking series of keyboards made by Bird Electron of Japan are now for sale.


The wait for boards with Blue Cherry MX "Clicky" switches is almost over. Presale for two models will begin later this week. Tenkeyless with and without blank keycaps will be available; both limited editions. Newsletter subscribers will receive an e-mail with a 24 hour advance purchase link.

Alert: Stock of the Realforce 87U Limited Edition is getting low and, unfortunately, new stock won't be available for several months; if you've been considering this top of the line board, now may be your last chance for a long while at the EliteKeyboards price.

Coming later this month: Acrylic roofs for Tenkeyless, Realforce, and 104key FILCOs.

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