Topre, HHKB, and Updates
> 2009.May.22
Topre, HHKB, and Updates

We're now offering authentic "Made in Japan" keyboards with the infamous capacitive Topre switches; namely Fujitsu PFU's Happy Hacking Professional 2 and Topre's Limited Edition Realforce 87U. Both space saving boards will be available in black and white; sales start this weekend, May 23rd. If you've never heard of these boards, stop by our product page for the hype.

We've decided to make an exception to our namesake for a new multi-touchpad from Diatec that pairs quite nicely with a FILCO keyboard. The Smartrack Neo multi-touchpad allows desktop PC users to navigate and manipulate with more than one finger; a feature previously available only to cellphone and laptop users.

Some updates:

Our special order of FILCO keyboards with Blue Cherry MX key switches has been delayed; we now have a shipping date for the second week of June. Apologies to those who have been patiently waiting. FYI, for this order we'll be offering two Tenkeyless boards, one with blank keycaps.

Many of you have inquired about blank key caps for existing FILCO boards, so we're happy to announce that these will be available in the beginning of July 2009.

Coming in June:

Zero Series Tenkeyless with ALPS switches and Brown Cherry Tenkeyless with blank keycaps.

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