Leopold Pre-sale Begins!
> 2011.Mar.07
Leopold Pre-sale Begins!

Leopold Tenkeyless Cherry MX Keyboards are finally available for Pre-Order at a GREAT introductory price!

This first batch includes 3 varieties which we expect to begin shipping in the last week of March. Quantities in this first run are limited, so this is first come first serve.

** Note: Due to many recent inquiries; we've compiled a FAQ regarding Leopold keyboards below!

Also, new lower prices on Clack Factory keycaps for both Cherry MX and Topre switch-based keyboards (plus 2 new colors!).

Leopold FAQ

Q: Are the Leopold Tenkeyless available with switch A, color B, non-printed, etc?

What you see on our website is what's in the first batch. All other options are being or have been considered, but are at the least 8 weeks out. E-mails to this tune will be regarded as suggestions; rhetorical questions:)

Q: Will there be a Full-Size Leopold with numberpad?

A full-size Leopold keyboard is currently under production and samples are being evaluated, but we have no solid estimate on it's availability state-side.

Q: Are there plans for ISO layout Leopold keyboards with legends for my language?

ISO layout boards are in the works, but no commitments have been made so far as to what languages will be available or the timeline for availability.

Please see our general FAQ for questions on shipping, etc.

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