Blankity Blank Blank FILCOs Galore
> 2010.Mar.15
Blankity Blank Blank FILCOs Galore

Long time, no news, but we'll shoot for brevity;)

We've got a new collection of BLANK aka "Otaku" keyboards on offer, they all include a couple of requested changes (yes we listen!):

- Flat Windows/Meta keys for a cleaner look - Saner eye-safe LEDs (no more signalling extraterrestrial life)

The line-up:

Majestouch Tactile Touch NKRO "Otaku"

Tenkeyless Majestouch Tactile Click "Otaku"

NEW Tenkeyless Majestouch Tactile Click "Otaku" White

NEW Tenkeyless Majestouch Tactile Touch "Otaku" White

[[ These boards are limited, in stock, and shipping now ]]

Some other new goods (if you've gotten this far)

Original Majestouch Printed Replacement Keycaps (much requested).

And a spiffy carrying case for your Happy Hacking Keyboard.

Mention worthiness: - If you've had your eye on a Pink Majestouch keyboard, you've been notified: Just a few left, so don't be sorry. - Also, if you're waiting for a Medium FILCO Palm rest, delivery has been pushed back to mid-April, we're sorry

Coming this Spring: Majestouch Tactile Click 104-key "Otaku" and Tenkeyless Tactile Touch "Otaku".

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